“In this deceptively simple picture book, author-illustrator Deborah Freedman has created an irresistible character that springs to life and wreaks havoc in a farmyard with a pot of blue paint. The innocent chicken just wants to help, but things get worse and worse—and bluer and bluer—the more she tries. Playing with colors and perspective, and using minimal text, this richly layered story reveals new things to see and laugh about with each reading.”  (Taken from Deb’s website.)

Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing author and illustrator Deborah Freedman on my show Classroom Connections.  We had a great time and I learned that Deb used to sit at the kitchen table with her young girls and they would create books.  Each had their own project.

To learn more about Deb’s book, Google her name and it will take you to her web page.  You won’t be disappointed.