It’s a great time of year to watch the weather. It’s always changing, surprising, and has immediate impact on our lives.  Weather could have  another important role:  it is a great family activity to reinforce classroom connections.

Basic Supplies:

  • Thermometer with both Celsius and Fahrenheit scales
  • A recording sheet – available by request by emailing
  • A cutting board  ( a platform to collect snow)
  • A ruler ( to measure snow fall and rain fall)
  • A  plastic container (to measure rain fall)

There is a  lot of learning for little ones when they discover how to  read a thermometer.  Understanding what the lines mean, realizing there is a pattern to comprehend, learning the notion of “below 0,” and   knowing which scale is most common to use are all important concepts for children.  How can you help?

Record the daily temperature on the recording sheet that you can request from me by email (  Record the  temperature, type of day, (sunny, rainy, cloudy, or overcast), rain fall or snow fall.

The internet is wonderful for additional experiments the children can do.  I choose this simple experiment from the website from “Weather Wiz Kids”   created by a meteorologist because it is a great starter activity for little ones. I copied the experiment below.

Don’t forget to create flash cards for new vocabulary:   meteorologist, forecasting, predications, and precipitations are good to add to your child’s vocabulary.  Younger children would benefit from learning to read the words:  rain, snow sleet, thunder, wind, floods and hurricanes.


Weather is fascinating.  Don’t be left out in the cold.