When I was teaching elementary school, there was time for arts and crafts in the classroom.  Reserved for  Friday afternoons, laughter, creatively and magic floated around the room.  A favorite activity was making snowflakes out of white construction paper.

Give your child the same fun.  No construction paper.  No problem.  Use copy paper from the printer.

The basics:  You probably already know the procedure.  Fold the paper into at least fourths.   Use scissors and cut around the shape.  Open and tape to the window.

Upgrade:  Use glitter and glue to decorate.  Make sure you place old newspaper on the work surface to control the mess.

Science Literacy:  Create ice crystals.  Mix salt and water.   Experiment with different solutions to find the most effective formulaWrite down each solution in a science journal.  (See below).  To get you started on the right path, use tablespoons of salt and eighth cups of water.

Using a brush,  paint the solution on the snowflakes.  Let the water evaporate and record the results.


Amount of  Water Amount of  Salt Result


Classroom Connections Skills

  • Observation
  • Comparing
  • Measuring
  • Predicting
  • Data Collection
  • Recording Data


( Note:  All underlined words are important science, math and reading literacy skills your child will be practicing.  Words in italics are great vocabulary words.  Try to include them  in the conversations you have with your children.)