A reminder:  don’t forget to go to the section on my website called TV appearances.  My latest appearance on Channel 8 talks about this and other weather related activities you can do with the kids.  The activities connect to science literacy helping children observe and record data.

Moving on, winter is a great time to  talk about ice.

Do you remember  the fun of breaking the ice shield that forms over puddles.  Watching and listening to  it crack like glass , with just enough foot pressure to break the surface, but not so much that your foot lands in the wet puddle.  What fun!

Bundle up and get outside.  Look for puddles with ice shields with your kids.  Discuss how cold it has to be to freeze.  What would make the ice melt?  Consider picking up pieces of the ice, placing it in a baggies or a plastic container, bringing it into the house and just watching it melt.    Children can observe what is happening, record their impressions, keep track of the time in increments of 10 minutes,   and notice the different shape the water has taken.

Little ones can measure the water and infer that water takes the shape of its container.  Play with water and ice.  It’s fun.  It’s free.  It’s fascinating.