Jim Shelton, a writer for the New Haven Register, had a great article in the paper on December 25, 2011.  He started with a question on Facebook, asking his contacts to name the greatest toy ever.  This was my reply.

‘“The best toy ever made has to be the ball,” Doyle writes on Facebook. “Available in all colors and sizes, loved by kids and dogs, used in professional sports and by kids catching it in midair diving into a pool, a simple ball has dominated the imaginations of children, adults and animals everywhere.”

His article went on to discuss that a ball is an honored toy in the National Toy of Fame.  Who knew that there was a Toy Hall of Fame?  I am considering visiting the place if I ever go to that area of New York.

Read his article, Toy favorites – Tonka truck, Barbie, Slinky and more stand the test of time, to learn what others think are worthy candidates for inclusion.

Jim Shelton’s article makes me wonder what today’s children will pick as their  favorite toy when they are adults.  Did you give a toy this Christmas that has staying power?  Will it be loved by both your  kids and grandkids?  Does  it engage the imagination?

According to Jim, “ The Hall of Fame bases its choices on four criteria, according to Hogan. Does the toy encourage discovery and learning? Has it reached icon status? Is it more than just a passing fad? Is it innovative in some way?”

Do the toys you choose for your child meet that criteria?